Oversight & Accountability

Florida can no longer afford to govern on "good intentions" alone. Departments, programs and agencies must be held accountable for achieving their goals. Ongoing oversight programs, both public and institutional, must be implemented.

Ethics & Transparency

Florida's government should be known around the country for the highest ethical standards when spending the people's money. Unfortunately, it's not. We believe the process should be transparent and conducted with the highest in ethical standards in mind.

Goal Setting & Metrics

You cannot improve what you do not measure. It is imperative that Florida implement metrics at all levels of government and for every program. Every department should have a goal, should be continuously measured and shut down if deemed unsuccessful.

Stop Playing Favorites

We believe that when state and local governments alike govern with the highest of ethical standards, with transparency for all to see, with clearly defined goals and metrics in place to measure success, with ongoing oversight and true accountability, governments at all levels will naturally Stop Playing Favorites.



2017 Priorities

For the 2017 session in the Florida Legislature, Stop Playing Favorites PAC has identified three issues we will be tracking and advocating, either for or against.
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