Florida Grassroots Coalition – Letter to Governor Rick Scott & the Florida Legislature

A coalition of Florida grassroots activists and group leaders that represent thousands of Floridians sent a letter to Governor Rick Scott and members of the Florida House and Senate about the SB 10 Water Resources bill that passed the Senate and is making it’s way through the House.

The coalition’s main message is their objection to any measure that would increase debt, cost jobs or take land from private property owners, either voluntarily or through the use of eminent domain.


The .pdf is available here — FLORIDA GRASSROOTS COALITION – Water Land Grab Letter.

The text of the letter is below.



Date: April 17, 2017

To: Governor Rick Scott, Members of the Florida Senate and Florida House of

Re: SB 10 Water Resources

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Senator Joe Negron introduced SB 10 Water Resources to protect and improve water quality in south Florida. While we agree water quality and environmental protection are important, we have several concerns about SB 10 and how it may be debated in the House.

The bill’s original price tag of $2.4 billion was reduced to $1.5 billion and the original plan of confiscating 60,000 acres of active farmland through willing sellers or eminent domain was removed as an option. SB 10, as you know, passed the Florida Senate 36-3. Unfortunately, the final bill still includes $1.2 billion in bonding authority.

We are concerned as this issue is moving through the Florida House, but we’re encouraged by recent comments made by Senator Marco Rubio, Governor Rick Scott and Speaker Corcoran. Prior to the plan to confiscate 60,000 acres was removed from the final bill, Senator Rubio acknowledged that several glades communities would be “wiped out” and demanded they have more of a say in the process. We want assurances that no new land will be taken for this bill.

Regarding the idea that the federal government would pay for half of the project, Senator Rubio admitted, “There is no federal money for it.”

Governor Rick Scott also shared our concern with SB 10, saying, “It is important to me that whatever is passed does not impact any person’s job.” Instead of spending $1.5 billion and adding more debt, he suggested the legislature set aside $200 million to ensure the federal government is a willing participant by improving the federally operated Herbert Hoover Dike.

Governor Scott also said we should “get these projects done without taking on more debt.” And lastly, he said, “I don’t believe in taking people’s private lands. I don’t want to see people lose their jobs.”

Speaker Corcoran, commenting on the improvements of SB 10 but with the idea of taking on more debt still in the Senate bill, said, “We’re not bonding. I didn’t say we’re going to go along with it. I said it’s getting better and better.”

We understand this is an important issue but we want to ensure every member concerned about bonding has an ally in grassroots leaders across the state. For those of you holding the line against more debt and the land grab, we Thank You!

We, the undersigned, believe water can be improved in Florida with

No More Debt, No Lost Jobs and No Land Grab.

Jason W. Hoyt
Orlando, FL
Stop Playing Favorites

Don Forward
Titusville, FL
Titusville Patriots

Tim Curtis
Tampa, FL
Tampa 912 Project

Pat Wayman
Venice, FL
Venice 912

Cynthia Lucas
Martin County, FL
Martin 912 Tea Party Committee

Maureen Arrigale
Hernando & Pasco County, FL
Nature Coast 9.12 Group

Nancy Meinhardt
Miami, FL
Miami 912

Peter Lee
Orlando, FL
East Side Tea Party

Bill Barnett
Orlando, FL

Cindy Youell
Altamonte Springs, Florida
Greater Orlando Citizen Action Network

Kathy Gibson
Orlando, FL

Sharon Taylor
Broward County, FL

Tina Woode
Seminole County 9.12 Project

Pam Wohlschlegel
Jupiter, FL