Governor Rick Scott Weighs in on SB 10: No Debt and No Land Grab

We welcome Gov. Rick Scott’s comments on SB 10 (learn more about SB 10 here).  Here are a few statements he made to the press:

“It is important to me that whatever is passed does not impact any person’s job.” (link)

“We have dedicated record funding toward Everglades restoration and I am confident we have the funds available to get these projects done without taking on more debt.” (link)

“I don’t believe in taking people’s private lands,” Scott said. “I don’t want to see people lose their jobs.” (link)

Recently, Speaker Corcoran said of the bonding issue:

“We’re not bonding. Bonding is an issue,” Corcoran said. “I didn’t say we’re going to go along with it. I said it’s [SB 10] getting better and better.” (link)

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