PRESS RELEASE: Stop Playing Favorites Announces 2017 Legislative Priorities

Stop Playing Favorites Announces 2017 Legislative Priorities: Fix incentive programs, clear the path for ridesharing and stop the South Florida land grab.

Conservative grassroots group Stop Playing Favorites (SPF) announced their 2017 legislative priorities today in hopes of shining a spotlight on proposals for big government spending and regulations during the 2017 session.

The 2017 Legislative session starts this week and as always the stakes are high for taxpayers. There are three key examples of this that will be our priority as SPF aims to hold members accountable this year.

SPF’s top three issues will be, (1) Increased transparency and accountability within Visit Florida and Enterprise Florida, (2) the removal of barriers for ridesharing programs and other innovative operations which frequently fall victim to unnecessary regulations promoted by their competition, and (3) stopping Senator Joe Negron’s South Florida land grab which has a tremendous price tag to taxpayers, will uproot communities and eliminate jobs.

The Stop Playing Favorites priorities are based on the key conservative principles of government accountability, responsible spending and free markets.

“Too many legislators have forgotten the fundamentals of conservatism and are working against the free market,” SPF’s Jason Hoyt stated.

Hoyt continued, “Enterprise Florida and Visit Florida must be transparent, have clear goals and be measured against those goals, and if they miss the mark either adjustments need to be made or they should be shut down. Continuing to throw taxpayer money at these programs without holding recipients of that money accountable through transparent metrics is irresponsible.”

Jason Hoyt also said, “Ensuring citizens and visitors of Florida have access to free market transportation options will increase competition and lower prices for everyone. Local monopolies who lobby for sweetheart deals and barriers to entry through protectionist regulations must be stopped.”

Lastly, Hoyt said, “Senator Negron’s 60,000 acre land grab will destroy several communities, thousands of jobs, and the livelihoods of farmers that feed the world, while numerous experts say the plan won’t even solve the problems Negron says he is trying to address.”

Stop Playing Favorites’ goal is to reach conservative groups throughout the state and provide them with updates encouraging them to take action by contacting their elected officials directly.

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